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The Nissenbaum Study

Chapman’s “17 Reviews” gave me a chance to look again at the Pedersen, Pedersen and van den Berg studies, along with looking for the first time at the Shepherd study.  Until recently these were the only peer-reviewed journal-published studies that looked at the health effects of wind turbines.  More recently the Nissenbaum study was finally published and thus becomes the 5th such study.  I figured I was on a roll so might as well make it complete. Continue reading The Nissenbaum Study

Vinalhaven is Back Again

The wind project at Vinalhaven, Maine has been in the news periodically since the project went live in 2009.  Unfortunately, its been for all the wrong reasons, mostly involving too much noise from the three turbines.  The affected neighbors have their own web site, and have paid for their own noise study.  In what should come as no surprise the noise levels are much above the Maine limits, and much above what was modeled.

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Vinalhaven is Back in the News

Vinalhaven is an island off the coast of Maine.  In an effort to lower the cost of their electricity and take advantage of the coastal winds they installed three wind turbines.  Unlike most projects, this was community-based, where the community took a vote to approve it.  Which they did, overwhelmingly.  Unfortunately there were, to the readers of this site, predictable noise problems, which I first mentioned in my noise complaint posting.    I promised to post any new news, and recently there was some [backup link].  It should come as no surprise that there has been no resolution. Continue reading Vinalhaven is Back in the News