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My Sierra Club Critique

My Critique of “The Real Truth about Wind Energy”

The Sierra Club of Canada recently published a literature review entitled “The Real Truth about Wind Energy” [backup link].  It was their director’s response to some criticism he’s been getting about the Sierra Club’s support of wind energy in some questionable locations, for example Ostrander Point.  Their web site currently has this report prominently featured and the director (John Bennett) has been talking it up in visits around Ontario.

Update – they updated their report.  When I get a chance I might look to see if anything really changed.

I took a look at it and discovered it was filled with anything but the truth in any form, real or not.  Then I marked down the parts of the report that I had problems with – which included large swaths of it – and checked their references to see how they arrived at their real truth.  Not surprisingly, their references were either friendly or misused, in the same way a lot of proponent reports seem to be.  We’re not talking about difference of opinions here.  We’re talking about research that is fundamentally flawed, even borderline fraudulent.

My critique runs 21 pages, of which 15 are the critique followed by 6 pages with corrected links to all the references I regarded as important.  It contains 51 passages I commented on, and in order to put them into context I annotated them in a marked copy of the original report which would be handy to have alongside my critique while reading it.

You’d have to be some sort of weird to read through all 51 (as I would have to be some sort of weirder to have written them in the first place) so I’d suggest scanning through and picking one of interest and taking the time to follow through to their reference just to see how crappily this report was put together.  My personal favorite is #14, but #18 and #8 are also particularly interesting.

And if you find where I’ve made a mistake, please let me know.   I really am interested in finding the Real Truth, unlike so many others.