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Another Look at 20% by 2030

One of the major weapons in the wind energy proponents’ quiver is a report titled 20% Wind Energy by 2030.  It was published by NREL, the National Renewable Energy Labs, which is part of the U.S. Dept. of Energy, in May 2008.  It lays out a blueprint on how the U.S. could attain 20% of its electricity production by 2030.  It has been widely used as an authoritative source by just about every industry body and many green-leaning politicians as well, all the way up to President Obama.  Since the DOE is headed by a Nobel-prize-winning physicist (Dr. Steven Chu), and they’ve got lots of money and PhD-level people, you’d think such an important report would be unassailable, especially by a mere mortal from a small town in Ohio, working out of his garage (literally).  You might be thinking that I’m just another anti-wind agitator who would always find something to quibble about in any otherwise solid piece of work.  I hope that after reading this posting you’ll have some appreciation of just non-quibbly the problems are, and how truly stupid we are for using it to justify all the financial, environment and social costs of wind energy. Continue reading Another Look at 20% by 2030