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Waterloo and Nissenbaum

Several years ago the Province of Ontario, under significant pressure, gave some money to the University of Waterloo to study the health impacts of wind turbines.  Incidentally, the federal government of Canada is also undertaking a health study, which is in addition to this one.  Regardless, for several years we’ve not heard much from the Waterloo study.  Recently, at a symposium in Toronto on October 17 the Waterloo team presented some of their preliminary findings  (clearer link) To anyone paying attention their findings should not come as a surprise – proximity to wind turbines is bad for your health. Continue reading Waterloo and Nissenbaum

The Nissenbaum Study

Chapman’s “17 Reviews” gave me a chance to look again at the Pedersen, Pedersen and van den Berg studies, along with looking for the first time at the Shepherd study.  Until recently these were the only peer-reviewed journal-published studies that looked at the health effects of wind turbines.  More recently the Nissenbaum study was finally published and thus becomes the 5th such study.  I figured I was on a roll so might as well make it complete. Continue reading The Nissenbaum Study