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McCann Testimony

Michael McCann is a professional real estate appraiser who works out of Illinois.  He’s been in the business for many years and during that time has given expert testimony in hundreds of cases.  Recently he gave testimony to the Adams County (Illinois) Board, which was considering zoning rules for wind projects. As the construction of new wind energy projects has continued, the evidence of all the problems – noise, property value declines, health, wildlife – has continued to build up as well.  For those of us who have been watching this for the last several years it seems as though no matter what facts are brought to the table, the building continues.  Mr. McCann, like many of us, has sharpened his writings to reflect his growing disbelief that so many people seem to have lost their senses.  This testimony, while still professional, is pretty sharply written, and is well worth a read.  His basic message is that prices drop anywhere from 25% to 40% within 2 miles of a project, and within the project they can drop to zero.

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