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Parker Gallant Updates

Parker Gallant, a retired banker in Ontario, has been writing a number of articles that were published in several major Canadian newspapers.  Through mid-May 2010 there were 8 articles and I had previous published them at that time.  Since then he’s written 5 more articles and a letter and I’ve updated the original posting to reflect these additions.  He writes about Ontario’s green power frenzy from a banker’s financial perspective and it is not a pretty picture, unless you happen to be one of the hogs at the trough.

August 27, 2010 – Yet another article, in the Financial Post: Prices Up, Profits Down.

Parker Gallant Strikes Again

Parker Gallant is a retired banker who has been hounding the Ontario energy establishment for some time, as I’ve previously written.  His latest missive was a letter to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) complaining about their giving government money to support the private tax-exempt Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA).  OSEA presented themselves as an interest group for the public, but what they really are is a front for the government itself and the wind industry.

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Parker Gallant

Parker Gallant is a retired banker in Ontario, and he’s become very interested in how his power bills keep going up.  While he has no experience in the power sector, he obviously knows how to read financial statements and what questions to ask.  The National Post has published a series of articles where Gallant relates what he has found, and what he has found is just a mess. Continue reading Parker Gallant