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I don’t watch much TV, but recently while on vacation (in Hawaii!!!) I finished my latest read (Conn Iggulden’s “Conqueror”, which I recommend along with the entire series, for those who like historical fiction) and having nothing better to do (it was raining) I succumbed.  “Frontline” was on, and it was a repeat of their October 8, 2013 broadcast of “League of Denial”.  It is a 2-hour documentary about how the National Football League (the NFL) tried to hide the health impacts that players suffered from repeated blows to their heads.  As I watched I couldn’t help but reflect on the similarities between the NFL’s actions and motivations and the wind industry’s.  Downright spooky, in fact. Continue reading Frontline

My AWEA/CanWEA Expert Panel Critique

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) ganged together to produce this literature review of studies on health effects of wind turbines.  They  paid 7 “experts” (none of whom was an epidemiologist), one of whom was the same Dr. Colby who had previously staked out his position with the Chatham-Kent Health Study.  This study is also known as Colby (2009) since he was alphabetically first.

Like the earlier Colby work, this one never went into the field to see what was really going on.  It was published 3 days after the release of Dr. Pierpont’s Wind Turbine Syndrome and spent a great deal of ink disparaging her book.  It recognized that not much was known about some of the effects of wind turbines but then astonishingly recommended no further study.

My Critique of the AWEA/CanWEA Expert Panel

CanWEA on Zoomer Radio 4/29/10

On April 28, 2010 Wind Concerns Ontario orchestrated an anti-wind-turbine demonstration at Ontario’s capital (Queen’s Park) in Toronto. Coincident with that demonstration the Progressive Conservative party put forth a resolution for a moratorium on new wind energy projects.   Shortly thereafter Zoomer Radio, an AM talk radio station, invited Robert Hornung, the president of CanWEA (the Canadian Wind Energy Association) to respond to the resolution and to the numerous reports – many of them aired previously on Zoomer – concerning people claiming to suffer health effects of wind turbines.  The interview went for 11 minutes and a casual listener might well come away thinking Hornung represented a reasonable and responsible figure of authority, forgetting that he is hired to advance the financial interests of the wind energy industry. Continue reading CanWEA on Zoomer Radio 4/29/10