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A Dose of Reality in NY

I’m not that keen on posting letters to the editor, unless they are exceptionally well-written, or if they contain actual numbers.  One Jack Sullivan, apparently from Malone, NY, gathered up the actual experience of several upstate NY wind projects and compared them to the developers’ earlier statements.  Almost needless to say, the disparity was striking.

Wind Power Promises and Predictions Gone Awry [backup link].

Some Numbers From the UK

I’m a numbers and evidence kind of guy, so when a report comes out with actual measurements I give it a great deal more weight than mere speculation.  In the UK the Muir Trust sponsored a report [backup link] that looked at the UK’s actual wind production numbers and used them to see how the reality stacked up against the hype coming from the wind industry and their government allies.  As you can imagine, there wasn’t much of a stack up at all.  Continue reading Some Numbers From the UK