Who Am I?

Aside from the metaphysical aspects to that question, some number of visitors to this site have asked what group put this site together, if I was part of the government, or if I’m funded by somebody evil (oil, coal, nuclear, I wish).  I’m genuinely flattered by these questions.

There’s just me, one Wayne Gulden.  I live most of the year in Yellow Springs, Ohio, which is likely to never have a turbine – the winds just aren’t strong enough unless the subsidies get even higher than they already are.  I have a cottage on Amherst Island, which is how I became interested in the topic, as it is slated to have a project at some point in the future.   I guess you could try to call me a nimby – but as I started doing the research and looking at empirical evidence I quickly discovered that wind energy’s benefits are non-existent while the downsides are substantial.  So my fight is now larger than the Island.  I’m really a NIABY – not in anyone’s back yard.  In fact, more than that – no turbines anywhere until they can be shown to save on emissions.

What about my background?  I don’t have a large number of letters after my name.  I do have an MBA in finance (with honors, LOL), but never used it except to be the treasurer for various non-profits.  Undergraduate was psychology (which I never used either) with a physics minor.   So what qualifications do I have?  The best one of all – I’m retired and have the time to actually read through the reports put out by all the parties to the arguments and then read through their references as far as I can to find what the basis of their arguments is.  Plus I’ve worked most of my life in a field (large corporate and government computer networks) where rational thought, attention to detail and a fair amount of skepticism are important.

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  1. Good for you, Mr. Gulden! If only more people like you would get involved!

    Thank you!

    Mary Kay Barton

  2. Hi Wayne,
    Your website gives me hope. Thank you for all the research you are doing. Now…if only everyone (those who have everything to lose) would read your work instead of listening to political and corporate lies…(from those who have everything to gain) the light would go on.

    I am in Prince Edward County and love to escape to Amherst Island. These little islands are amongst the most beautiful and historic places in Canada. They are surely worth the effort to save from the folly of industrial wind turbines. Thank you again…I follow your site daily! Chris

  3. Well laid out website. It is helping me find information to make an informed opinion.
    Tiverton, Ontario, Canada

  4. Dear Mr. Guiden:

    I attended the Little Art Theatre show yesterday and stayed for 30 minutes of the question and answer period. Excellent film and discussion.

    Thank for bringing the film to the Little Art and getting Jenny’s agreement.

    ps: I live in Yellow Springs.

  5. I noticed that denise Wolfe’s article “green energy act facts” has references 9 to 13 and 15 missing in the bibliography
    could you please add these as i am interested in 9 and 15.
    I sent you an e-mail the other way, but did not know if you would open it

  6. here I go again
    I clicked leave a comment and it came back ????
    denise Wolfe’s article has references 9 to 13 missing as well as 15. Could you please add them in her on-line facts

  7. Thank you Wayne for Wind Farm Reaities! You have posted two examples of the “gag clause” contracts that easement signers are required to accept. They are telling, and the implications give credence to all of the common complaints about “wind farms” that are publicly dismissed by developers. Keep up the good work.
    I have been monitorng the Maine wind farms since Mars Hill was built in 2006 Mars Hill indeed does have the highest Capacity Factor, year after year. Yet all of the wind farms, in their Proposals, cite the same rosy projections of power to be produced, as in: ………can produce enough energy to power ………..homes” – and the media swallow it whole, without question.
    Keep up the good work!
    Harry Roper Houlton/ Danforth Maine

  8. Greetings from Marmora, ON. Very impressive and informative site, sir.

    Other than having enjoyed interactivity at direct invitation from the MCSEA group based on Manitoulin Island, people here in Marmora who have dared (and independently managed) to publicly raise objections based on their concerns for life and property in association with the proposed future construction and operation of Northland Power’s “pumped storage” project seem to remain counter-productively segregated from people battling complementary IWT installations in the minds of the media and politicians.

    The completely different projects that seem to be the root cause of our battles are, however, interdependent insofar as alleged co-justification, so here’s hoping more people engaged in group battles against IWT’s will spend the required time and effort to broaden their focus, likewise question the reason(s) for our segregation and who might stand to benefit from its continuation in the comprehensive picture that we all may see and feel more clearly and sooner than many might believe possible.

    This is my cordial invitation to listen and learn, from me personally, the little-known details of our publicly-shuttered “pumped storage” battle story that is so deeply intertwined with yours – far beyond what’s been publicized by any media or proponents of this private developer’s “pumped storage” proposal, whose publicly-funded promotion has required pitting local Marmora homeowners against their own council, an aggressively-recruited virtual army of supporters including public officials, influential NGO’s and every major political party:

    Starting at about the 11 minute mark past start time, this podcast is the combination of 2X 2hr internet radio talk shows hosted by fellow Canadians, that have uniquely enabled me (as just a local resident, housewife and mother) to publicly expose the “rest of the story” that may deservedly seem more like a comedy than a scandal to those whose homes are not in the local “danger zone” or whose pocketbooks won’t be hit:


    Helpful links to references discussed are below the embedded podcast frame.
    My contact info is on my independent battle pages, which are also linked from my name attached to this feedback.

  9. Well done site with a clean layout. I think wind energy fails purely on aesthetic merits out of the gate. One’s gut reaction to seeing structures that large is incongruity. Industrial scale wind turbines really only belong in urban zones, but of course rarely end up there. The countryside is experiencing the biggest urban sprawl continuum in history, literally.

    You might want to add the scrappy Australian site, StopTheseThings to your OPPONENTS list. Their slogan echoes what many people conclude after fighting this slick, pseudo-green industry.

  10. Saw your review in the February 23 YS News on the Village Fiber. Encouraging, and I’ve been amped up at the prospects for this quite a while. Unfortunately I live on Union Street two houses off Stafford, so appear not to fall within the corridor and qualify for the pilot project.

    Questions: how long will the pilot project last?
    Prospects for funding to expand to the entire village?
    Does this essentially become a village public utility.

    Keep us posted!

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