An Unfolding Travesty

Prince Edward County, almost-an-island located on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario, is quite a remarkable place.  Off the beaten path, it has developed a largely tourist-based economy based on such things as beautiful unspoiled scenery, artists, good wines and fine dining.  Aside from its importance to the human psyche, it is also very important to migrating birds.  Long Point sticks out into Lake Ontario and many birds (as in thousands upon thousands) land there after a tiring flight across Lake Ontario. As a consequence the entire area is an Important Bird Area.  This area was prominently mentioned during the KFN Workshop and if you want to get a flavor of just how important it is I ask that you take a look there.

It is also pretty windy and thus has attracted the notice of wind energy developers.  You’d think any government that claimed to be “green” wouldn’t be putting wind turbines, with their demonstrated ability to slaughter birds and bats and destroy habitat, into IBAs.  Unfortunately, the current Ontario government doesn’t seem to care one bit, as witnessed by the following pictures, all of which can be clicked on to enlarge.

First, we have a picture of where PEC is, and you can see the chain of islands that comes across the Lake.  For a really unsettling picture of all the wind projects planned for the eastern basin of Lake Ontario, see

Next, here’s a closer look at the area in the box.

First, there was the Ostrander Point project, 9 turbines, which by itself has upset many of the naturalists and bird watchers all over Canada.  UPDATE, 5/16/11 – the CBC, not known for criticizing any aspect of the wind industry, produced a reasonably accurate video (and this companion hardcopy) about Ostrander.

Now we show the recently announced White Pines project, 30 turbines.  Notice the empty spot in the “middle”?  One note – these are estimated locations and names, based on wpd’s draft site plan.

And finally, here’s the cumulative picture.  You’d think someone would want to study the effects of these projects in their totality, but that seems to get in the way of business.  Too bad for the birds.

One thought on “An Unfolding Travesty”

  1. This is an absolute and unarguable Crime! For anyone to destroy an important wildlife sanctuary let alone kill any species in order to make money is the stuff of a “criminal 3rd world country run by a Dictator”. But then this is actually Canada! This is MY country and this is MY land. I am a Canadian and along with my neighbours and family and fellow Canadians WE own this country. Not a small group of “hooligans and investors from abroad who have been given the Land Rights to OUR country for which our forefathers fought and died for to protect!
    Anyone who is in the position of power and who has allowed this crime to happen should take notice that they are going to be held responsible for the damage that is being done here! The first step will happen this coming October when the people now in power are “booted out of office” by US. Then begins the criminal proceedings!

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