Wind Power is Gas Power

Energy analyst Steve Aplin wrote an article for that explains in rather simple and explicit terms why wind + gas (actually, gas + wind) is a really terrible way to reduce our emissions, and that nuclear + coal would be far cheaper and (surprise!) cleaner.  Perhaps if my musings on this topic aren’t convincing, maybe Steve’s are.  And don’t forget masterresource and bravenewclimate.

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One thought on “Wind Power is Gas Power”

  1. The people of Ontario are either blind, or so filthy rich that they don’t care about the price of power.
    Along with the ridiculous payments that the Mcguinty government is signing on for is the unarguable fact of countries of Germany and Spain who have seen nothing but cost and problems for the so called green effect.
    And, never mind bird strikes follow Canadian Geographic and it’s atricles of the damage being done to the bat population. According to articles in this magazine over 60 percent of the bat deaths are due to lung trauma brought on by flying through the vortex of the blades.

    Bats do not populate like birds. They only raise 2 to 3 pups a year. At this rate the bat population will be joining the endangered species. As bats are a great cleaner of insects and crop bugs this will affect farmers greatly. As most wind machines are located in farming areas. We can expect to see more costs to farmers and produce as they attempt to control bugs and insects which the bats used to control

    In Ontario now it is a crime to use electricity, and you must be punished, serverly.

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