Or Live by a Nuclear Plant?

When discussing the effects of living near a wind project, proponents often ask “Would you rather live next to a nuclear plant?”  Of course, that’s not the real choice.  To replace a typical nuclear plant you’d have to have something like 7,000 turbines that would stretch 20 miles in all directions plus maybe 5 typical gas plants for when the wind didn’t blow.

The same question is often asked with a coal plant replacing the nuclear plant.  In an earlier post, Rather Live by a Coal Plant?, I presented a case where a family that found itself in that situation would far rather live by the coal plant than next to wind turbines.

Now the residents of Hinkley Point in the UK have shown where their preference lies.  They’ve lived next to the nuclear plant there for 20 years, but they want no part of a proposed wind project built next to the nuke.  Proponents apparently cannot accept just how disruptive their wind turbines are when compared to coal and nukes and just about anything else.

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