Maine’s Health Study – part 2

As promised in my part 1, I’ve read through the longer noise and health report from Maine’s chief of public health, Dr. Mills.  After going through the short release I was prepared for a pretty poor report, but it exceeded even my rock-bottom expectations.  Of the five critiques I’ve done so far, hers is the worst.  My critique runs twelve pages, about twice the size of her report.  It gets pretty tedious in places, I’m afraid, but I wanted to fully document just how poor this report was.

From my conclusion:

I hope I’ve accurately conveyed just how weak the foundation of Mills’ dismissal of the health effects of wind turbines was. Not only did she not go into the field to interview any victims or doctors, she didn’t even bother trying to find any studies that went into the field and interviewed any victims or doctors.  How in the world someone can not even look for something and then in good conscience declare they didn’t find it?  This study will end up causing harm to Maine’s citizens as it will allow developers to continue placing projects too close to people’s homes.  It appears that Dr. Mills values her job over her professional obligations, and that is shameful, simply shameful.

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