Rather Live by a Coal Plant?

In many public discussions about wind turbines and the nuisance they create there seems to be a variant of Godwin’s law: the longer the discussion goes on, the closer to 1.0 the odds on someone mentioning living next to a coal plant. From Nova Scotia there was this item [backup link] about the Frasers, who are having tremendous problems with seven wind turbines built too close to their house. No new news about that, but what interested me was that they also lived not just next to the turbines, but also next to the existing coal plant. They’d been happily living next to the coal plant for some years, even built their house there after that plant was there. But the wind turbines proved too much.

I know this is just one data point, but here’s some actual evidence that one family would rather live by a coal plant than by wind turbines.

2 thoughts on “Rather Live by a Coal Plant?”

  1. I wasn’t surprised by the article, as you already surmised, ill effects of industrial wind turbines is old news. What shocked me was the comments that appear after. Although I have had my suspicions, I didn’t realize people could be so misinformed in this “the information age”. I guess there is truth to the old adage: stupid people don’t know they’re stupid. It is to the detriment of us all that these are the people that generally get elected!

    To quote Tom Adams: “We’re going to get screwed and its going to be painful.”

    Sean Holt.

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