Vinalhaven is Back Again

The wind project at Vinalhaven, Maine has been in the news periodically since the project went live in 2009.  Unfortunately, its been for all the wrong reasons, mostly involving too much noise from the three turbines.  The affected neighbors have their own web site, and have paid for their own noise study.  In what should come as no surprise the noise levels are much above the Maine limits, and much above what was modeled.

The following information is off of their site, and I urge you to visit there to get the latest and most complete information about Vinalhaven.  First, finally the Maine DEP admits that maybe there’s a problem.  I’m waiting to see what (if anything) they do about it.  The only cure I’m aware of is to shut them down, and you can bet that will be resisted by the operator.

Just how loud are the turbines?  Here’s a picture.

Measured Noise from Vinalhaven

Note the red line at 45 dBA, and how the actual noise, the blue line, was above it for this particular 60-minute period.  A rough average of 48 dB may not seem like much, but when the ambient was probably 30 and given the pulsing low frequency nature of turbine noise, it would be objectionable to anyone who valued peace and quiet.  No doubt it would bother the sleep of a fair percentage of everyone exposed to it.

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