Something Rotten in Denmark?

When discussing health issues with wind energy proponents, it is fairly common to hear the assertion that Europe, especially small Denmark,  has tens of thousands of turbines installed, and if they were so much of a nuisance, why aren’t the Europeans complaining?  There’s two unspoken underlying assumptions to this argument.  (1) Europe builds their projects in a similar fashion to North America (which they don’t) and (2) there really aren’t any complaints.

We don’t hear much of any protests in Europe, but consider that EPAW, the European anti-wind consortium, has 400+ member organizations.  Also consider the Darmstadt Manifesto, the likes of which we haven’t seen here.  And in a remarkable admission of just how many neighbors are upset by the noise, Dong – the large government-owned energy company in Denmark, has abandoned onshore projects.  The reason?  “…protests from residents complaining about the noise the turbines make.”

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Update, September 12, 2010.  It took a couple of weeks, but finally a mainstream media outlet picked up this story that I’m sure the Danish government would rather have kept quiet.

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