Visual Effects Summary

The most striking and immediate impression a visitor has to a wind farm is the overpowering visual effect of these large moving objects – it is almost impossible to see anything else. The word that comes to mind is “industrial”. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on the person, and perhaps their view of man’s place on the planet. Unfortunately, the visual effects sometimes include flicker from the blades and strobing from the shadows. While these effects don’t seem very disruptive to me, I’ve never experienced them and a fair number of people living close to developments do complain about them.

In order to provide some sense of the scale of modern turbines, I’ve created pictures showing a 1.5mw turbine (the 2.3’s have a proportionally larger blade) next to (for Canadians) the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill, and (for Americans) the Statue of Liberty. The numbers along the side are in meters.


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