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Parker Gallant, a retired banker in Ontario, has been writing a number of articles that were published in several major Canadian newspapers.  Through mid-May 2010 there were 8 articles and I had previous published them at that time.  Since then he’s written 5 more articles and a letter and I’ve updated the original posting to reflect these additions.  He writes about Ontario’s green power frenzy from a banker’s financial perspective and it is not a pretty picture, unless you happen to be one of the hogs at the trough.

August 27, 2010 – Yet another article, in the Financial Post: Prices Up, Profits Down.

One thought on “Parker Gallant Updates”

  1. I read Mr. Gallant’s latest post (Aug 17, 2010) just yesterday. It made my blood boil!

    There is ample evidence in the post of blatant criminal activity. I am presently conducting some preliminary research into what government oversight body (federal and provincial) is responsible for investigating these matters.

    I will keep you posted.

    Also, pursuant to my recent complaint filed with The Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons re: The recent report out of the Ontario CMOH’s office on health effects of wind turbines…

    I have received a notice from the college that they will be reviewing the matter at the next meeting of the complaints committee on Sept 1, 2010. They will inform me of their findings and I will post these to the site administrator at Wind Concerns Ontario.



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