Paying for Nothing

In my Emissions Savings Details posting I mentioned the problems when there is too much wind energy (which is, after all, uncontrollable) being produced during periods (typically overnight) of low usage.  In Ontario, they solved the problem, if you can call this a solution, by taking a CO2-free nuclear generator offline.  In the UK, they solve the problem by telling the wind projects to turn off their production.  That, in itself, is no big deal – it is routine to tell the producers to shut their production down to balance the grid.  The big deal is that in spite of no production, the projects still get paid their very high subsidized rates even when they don’t produce.

An article in the Telegraph explains all this, and calls this a “revelation”.  Actually, it is a revelation only for someone who hasn’t been paying attention.  The spokesman for RenewableUK, a trade group, said that this was a good thing, that it showed wind is taking its place among the other producers.  But then, getting paid for doing nothing is always a good thing if you’re the payee.

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