U.S. Subsidies

Wind energy proponents try to make the claim that wind energy can compete on a level playing field with other forms of energy generation.  A quick look at the numbers shows this to be untrue.  The EIA – a government agency – periodically releases their estimate of subsidies paid to different forms of energy generation, and that estimate indicates that wind receives far more subsidies, by over an order of magnitude, than any of the traditional methods.  When this is pointed out, proponents then talk about how all “new” forms of technology need support, conveniently skipping over the fact that wind energy is not particularly new and there have been no major new advances in efficiency since the 3-blade Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine became the standard back in the 90’s.  One could argue that energy storage and transmission technologies that are necessary adjuncts to wind energy might need R and D monies, but what does that have to do with wind turbines themselves?

Anyway, here’s links to the EIA’s numbers.  And these are just the federal numbers.  The states pitch in their fair share in addition to these numbers.

Federal Subsidies, original link to the EIA site.

Federal Subsidies, backup link.

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