Bill Palmer

William Palmer is a Professional Engineer who accepted an early leave from paid employment to be able to apply his skills and knowledge to issues facing his neighbours.  He has extensive experience in risk management at the Bruce nuclear facility (Ontario) and has been studying the various issues surrounding wind turbines for several years. His papers represent a valuable contribution to the discussion. I reference them throughout this site in the appropriate sections, but I thought it would be handy to also reference them from one place.

  • Palmer explanation and chart, Nov 2009, of noise and dB issues along with safety setbacks.
  • Palmer letter, Oct 2009, in response to Ontario’s refusal to accept a resolution for a moratorium on wind development.
  • Notes on Ontario, for the summer of 2009, and what happens if there’s even the chance of too much wind.
  • Palmer submission, 0.2mb to the Ontario EBR. 16 pages with extensive comments on noise and safety issues.
  • Palmer WTN Report, 0.1mb. Bill and his wife Jean went to Europe on a “working” vacation, as he presented a paper entitled “A New Explanation for Wind Turbine Whoosh – Wind Shear” at the 2009 Wind Turbine Noise Conference in Denmark. Upon his return he wrote of his experiences and impressions.
  • Palmer letter, 0.1mb, written to the Prime Minister.
  • Palmer Paper, 1.2mb, actually 3 papers in one. Part 1 (6 pages) takes Ontario’s Ministry of Energy to task for poor thinking. Part 2 (13 pages) studies the risks involved in turbines. Part 3 (10 pages) is his “Issues, Truth, Hype” grid – on its side.
  • Palmer Grid, 0.1mb, the “Issues, Truth, Hype” grid rotated so it is easier to read.

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