John Harrison

John Harrison, a retired physics professor who lives on Amherst Island, has been studying various aspects of wind turbines. He started with noise and is now expanded to electrical generation patterns. His papers and letters represent original and important contributions to the discussion. They are referenced in the appropriate sections of this site, and I thought it would be useful to additionally reference them all from one place, in reverse chronological order.

  • This important paper shows why a typical Ontario project makes no economic sense. One reason was a previously-unknown (at least publicly) decrease in wind turbine performance with age of roughly 2% per year.
  • This critique presented some problems with a study by Aercoustics regarding Ontario’s method of measuring compliance.
  • This letter runs 15 pages and lists all the ways CanWEA lies.
  • This paper discusses noise propagation over water.
  • This paper demonstrates why there is such a disconnect between setback recommendations from health professionals and governments.
  • This paper was written as a response to the King health report in Ontario.
  • This presentation was made at Queen’s in January 2010 and covers a variety of topics.
  • This Whig-Standard article was published in January 2010 and summarizes his findings and activities with regards to wind turbines.
  • This commentary, written in Nov 2009, clears up the confusion about the October 2008 change to the Ontario MOE’s Interpretation regarding masking noise. A direct offshoot, this dumbed-down commentary on the same topic was written by myself.
  • This presentation was given to the Canadian Acoustics Association in October 2009, and provides a technical overview of how Ontario’s rules do not protect the residents.
  • Submission to the MOE, 0.1mb, dated July 21, 2009. An important paper summarizing John’s issues with the proposed noise regulations in Ontario. He also added some detail to the turbulence issue.
  • Letter to the Kingston Whig Standard, 0.2mb, dated June 16, 2009.
  • In May 2009, after the passage of the Ontario Green Energy Act, he wrote a letter to Ms. Garcia-Wright, 20kb at the Ontario MOE about her responsibility per the Act to safequard the health of Ontarians. It contained 4 appendices, which I split out, below.
    • Appendix A, 20kb, a letter from Barbara Ashbee.
    • Appendix B, 20kb, his critique of the sound study performed at Barbara’s house. I don’t have the study itself, it may be confidential, but John did see it.
    • Appendix C. John copied the current blog entries of a lady who is writing a diary of her experiences. I’ve simply linked to the blog itself.
    • Appendix D. John copied an article (starting with “Ann and Jason Wirtz”) from a web site, and I’ve simply linked to the original site. The article he referenced starts about a third of the way down the page. The stuff preceeding the story is pretty good too. This entire site is quite good.
  • Commentary on the GEA, 25kb, written in March 2009, before the Green Energy Act was passed.
  • Letter to Ms. Dumais, 25kb, written in January 2009, about the MOE’s failure to follow NPC-104.
  • Letter to the MMAH, 0.1mb, written in December 2008, trying to get them to reconsider their stance on NPC-104.
  • Letter to the OPA, 0.4mb, written in October 2008, why they should disqualify the Amherst Island proposal. They eventually did not accept that proposal, but not due to any of John’s concerns.
  • Letter to EAAB, 0.4mb, a technical discussion of why MOE’s quidelines are inadequate, written in August 2008.
  • Disconnect Between Turbine Noise Guidelines And Health Authority Recommendations, 0.2mb, presented at the 2008 World Wind Energy Conference.
  • Harrison Response to the Ramakrishnan Report. May 2008. My noise category has more details on this.
  • Correlation of Ontario Wind Farm Power Output with Wind Farm Separation, 0.8mb. Tom Adams has done similar research, with similar conclusions.
  • Wind Turbine Noise, 0.1mb, a primer on the topic, from August 2007.

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