Lawsuit in Wisconsin

The wind developers, aided by the government, have been having a field day – able to put their projects wherever they wanted to without regard for the neighbors.   At some point, though, the damage is great enough that the courts get involved.  In this case, the Wirtz’s had to abandon their home, farm and business, and ended up in bankruptcy.  Without much to lose, they filed suit for unspecified damages.  What is more interesting is the response of the wind industry to the suit.

To me, the main issue is the merit of the suit itself.  Were the Wirtz’s harmed by the project that surrounded their home?  And if the answer to that is “yes” then I’m all for sticking it to the developer and to anyone else found to be culpable.  But the merit of the suit was the furthest thing from the minds of the industry.  The headline reads, “Noise complaint generates wind farm fears”.  Fears?  “I think it would have a devastating effect in Wisconsin,” according to one developer.

So regardless of the situation the Wirtz’s found themselves in, what worries the developers is how this might make it harder to do business in the state.  I guess their concern only for themselves shouldn’t come as any great surprise.

This could all be avoided by setbacks and/or buying the neighbors out, but for strictly financial reasons the developers don’t want to do that, and they’ve had their way for so long that they just can’t conceive of being held accountable.

The complaint itself makes for interesting reading.

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