Meeting Peak Capacity

The peak demand for electricity in most places is in the summer, and unfortunately the wind tends to blow less at that time. Given that especially during summer there is a good chance wind will contribute essentially nothing to the grid, it becomes necessary to have other means of generation available at all times. Wind will not displace other generation methods. We will still need enough nuclear, coal, hydro and gas to meet the peak, regardless if wind is in the mix or not. There is no documented case of wind energy leading to the shutdown of any tradition generation.  The best case that wind can make is that building natural gas plants, being the only generation that compliments the variability of wind, may at some point allow some i.e. coal plants to be shut down.  But even that weak gruel hasn’t been documented anywhere, not even in Denmark.This should be self-evident enough that I’ve not bothered to gather up any references.  If you need convincing, please check the references on the Grid Integration Home page.

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