Cumulative Effects

UPDATE – it turns out that the “Osprey” Conservation Area has nothing to do with ospreys – it was the name of a nearby town.  I’m now trying to find out what sorts of wildlife does live there, and I’ll update accordingly.

A major criticism of Ontario’s approval process for wind projects is that each project is “considered” by itself.  At no point is there any review of all the projects in an area to see if together they represent an environmental issue.  As an example of this problem, while reviewing the maps on my Ontario Wind Turbines site I noticed the area just north of the Melancthon project.  Here’s an enlargable snapshot of the area:

Note the empty space in the middle of those projects?  One has to wonder why nobody is proposing anything for there.  Looking closer, note the “Osprey Wetland Conservation Lands”.  At least nobody is proposing a project for the Conservation Area.  Originally I thought (of course) that resident ospreys had named the Area but I find out that a town did.  Still, whatever uses that area is going to be surrounded.  I wonder if there will be any studies undertaken to discover the impacts.

3 thoughts on “Cumulative Effects”

  1. Same non-logic applies to air ambulances. No single project blocks them but collectively how are helicopters supposed to get patients needing critical care to hospitals.

  2. There are no ospreys at the osprey wetlands, ‘Osprey’ is the name of the former municipality that the conservation area is located in. I own a farm that backs on to the north edge of the wetlands and is currently half encircled to the north by the Plateau IWT project.

  3. There certainly are Ospreys a few kilometres to the west of the Osprey Wetlands. They are nesting on the causeway on Lake Eugenia. 4 2.5 mw turbines are proposed for less than 2km from the nesting site. Even though the wetlands are named after the former township, it is an appropriate title for species in the area.

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