The World Turbine Tour

Google Earth has proven to be a good way to convey to people just how big modern wind turbines are.  For those running Google Earth (it is free and can be downloaded from Google) I’ve created kml and kmz files that can place pushpins or 3-d models respectively in Google Earth so you can fly around and see what they might look like.  My latest idea was to place a wind turbine close to several iconic and familiar landmarks.  Below are clickable screen snapshots of the results, but for the full effect I’d recommend viewing the kmz file with Google Earth itself, making sure you’ve got 3-d clicked on.

If you’d like to see something else, let me know and I’ll post it.

For those really into this stuff I can send all the source stuff to anyone who wants to mess around with it – like the sketchup files, the model and the underlying kml file.

UPDATE – I’ve created enough pictures that I decided they would be better kept in a online album.  So I installed Coppermine and included all the pictures I’m showing here, plus a few others.  I’ll keep adding them as I get the time.

WindFarmRealities Photo Album

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