A Toronto Tour

My Toronto Twenty-Two Turbines posting has gotten a fair amount of response, including a number of suggestions of other locations where turbines might be installed.  Always responsive to my readers, I’ve added some new turbines to the Toronto skyline.  All of these pictures are clickable.

3 in High Park

 Queen’s Park

Toronto City Hall, with Queen’s Park’s turbine in the background

Eaton Center, with City Hall’s turbine and even the 3 High Park turbines


Exhibition Place.  Note the rather small wind turbine that was placed there several years ago, and which many Torontans think represents what is being installed out in the sticks.

2 thoughts on “A Toronto Tour”

  1. I LOVE the pictures! Keep it up. Amazing how one little idea started 2 weeks ago has gotten this far. NOW, we just need to convince T.O. that it’s a good idea.

  2. Could you photo shop a wind turbine onto the base of the C.N. Tower. Using the base of the tower as the base of the Gigantic Industrial Wind Turbine and call it the (The Greening of Toronto). I think it would look good if you used the observation deck as the hub and use huge blades. Toronto’s water front would have a great effect. Maybe you could photo shop some smaller turbines on top of all the other buildings and call it (The Ultra Greening of Toronto). If one turbine is good then lots must make be GREAT!!!!
    I’m afraid we are going to be the laughing stock to future generations. What were they thinking? Even past generations had the ability to realize, when they were building the power generating stations in Niagara Falls. Don’t put the generators where everyone will see them. We are becoming green and at the same time destroying the landscape we are trying to protect. Those Big Thinkers at Queens Park!!!!

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