The Toronto Twenty Two

That has a nice alliterative ring, doesn’t it?  There’s a big discussion over at Ontario Wind Resistance about putting some wind turbines in Toronto and having the residents there do their part in fulfilling Ontario’s dreams about wind energy.  In an effort to constructively add to that discussion, I’ve created a 3-D Google Earth KMZ file that shows 22 turbines placed in Toronto’s harbour.

Happy flying.

Update, 4/30/2012.  Someone mentioned putting a turbine on the lawn at Queen’s Park, the seat of the Ontario government.  Hey, your wish is my command, and there are more at a follow-up posting.  All of these are clickable.

And here’s a picture of the new improved waterfront, with the QP turbine visible up University.

And while I’m at it, here’s the toy turbine compared with what is getting installed now, with even larger turbines soon to follow.

5 thoughts on “The Toronto Twenty Two”

  1. Brilliant!!
    I know just the ones who will embrace this with the “vigour” it deserves!
    They aren’t hard to find. They plug the streets of Toronto every weekend with their spandex clothing and $300 running shoes all looking at their $200 heart monitors and an I Pod hanging out of their head while they run up and down the Don Valley, Yonge Street or anywhere else that “normal people” who work their asses off for a living want to travel to.

  2. I hope you don’t mind me adding this, but I started this whole idea over at Quixotes Last Stand ( a few days ago.

    Just to get you up to speed, I’ve emailed this to over 200 newspapers across the province. I’ve sent it to all the MPP’s. It went out to radio stations, tv stations and some magazines. London Free Press, so far is the only one to have published it, but most of the newspapers I sent the letter to were small town weekly papers, who probably won’t have it published until this week sometime.

    I’m hoping to spur on all of rural Ontario to pressure Toronto into doing their share.

    Let’s cross our fingers and hope this works.
    Lori G. (aka Donna Quixote)

  3. You may like this new video called ‘Why Green isn’t always Good’. It exposes that politics is driven by green policies, despite few voters electing green politicians, because being ‘green’ is seen as fashionable. This is often the same reason for the unrelenting spread of windfarms.

    The link is here:

    Is this something you might be able to share with your supporters? Any help in spreading the message would be appreciated greatly!

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