The Bruce Peninsula

I recently posted about the eastern shore of Lake Huron and how a line of wind turbines roughly 20km deep snaked all the way up that coast.  Unfortunately the snake doesn’t end there; it continues onto the Bruce Peninsula.  Here’s a snapshot of the 200 turbines planned.

You’d think an area as unspoiled and scenic as the Bruce Peninsula would be safe from this type of industrialization.  You can imagine what would happen if just about any other industry set up shop over this large an area.  There are actually 2 projects included in the picture above:  Bruce Peninsula and Mar Silver Birch (or something like that).   One wonders how much of a transmission line will have to be built to carry it all to where people actually live and work.

As always the Google Earth kml files for the projects are freely available.  In addition I’ve created 3-D kmz files that can be downloaded from my reference materials – scroll down to the kmz’s to see my selection.  And if there’s any special requests for other projects I’d be glad to fill them also.

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