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Earlier I posted pictures of the wind turbine projects slated for the Chatham-Kent area.  I’ve continued onward, now creating pictures of the eastern shore of Lake Huron, specifically the Ontario counties of Lambton, Huron and Bruce.  As ugly as Chatham-Kent is, I think Lake Huron is even uglier.  The yellow cloud is 200km long and 20 wide and runs up the entire coastline.  The picture is clickable, but even at full size it doesn’t do justice to what is planned there.

And, like C-K, I’m not showing everything in play.  In Bruce and Huron I’m showing about 400 turbines each which is roughly 80% of those that have been publicly discussed.  There’s also another 200 up on the Bruce Peninsula that I’m not showing either.

One of the consequences of the wild west environment the Ontario government has created is that it is often difficult to get accurate information about the various projects. Secrecy and financial deals are rampant. To help me keep track of the ongoing mess, I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet with all the projects I’m aware of, their county, size, status and the status of any picture I’ve created for them. It is also available for the asking.

Here’s a larger picture of Bruce County, followed by a larger picture of Huron County.  You may notice a few gaps, like east of Goderich and north of Port Elgin.  Not to fear, I’d bet the other 20% that I’m not showing will be filling these gaps.  Nor am I showing the Middlesex County turbines, which fill in the corner between Huron and Lambton.


9 thoughts on “Lake Huron Pictures”

  1. Brilliant!

    The Norfolk Victims of IWTs would be forever grateful if, when you have time, you could show the 66 IWTs of the Erie Shores Wind “Farm” and the 18 IWTs of the Clear Creek /Cultus/Frogmore IWT ZONE on the north shore of Lake Erie.

    I ask only because in the > 3 years of operation, these monsters have impacted both the physical and mental health of many of the residents especially in the densely packed CC/C/F IWT ZONE where the 18 IWTs are all crammed in within a 3 km radius of the ~ 140 houses in the tiny community.

  2. Don’t understand all the fuss. Great Yarmouth, England has them for years, and no one has complained of any I’ll-health.

  3. Gillian listen to windwiseradio on the internet and check out websites about european wind farms/ also go to you tube – Europes III Windpart 1 of 2 & 2 of 2

  4. Hi,

    I realize that I am late in getting to the table, but I would be interested in seeing your spreadsheet –if you are still interested in sharing it.

    Thank you for taking the time to track this program.


  5. Ontario has strongly entrenched cartel of traditional power suppliers. They see the writing on the wall with the coming of clean wind and solar, especially now that batteries can store the energy. The years of coal, gas, and nuclear power are numbered. And with solar and batteries people will be able to be off grid, when it is no longer illegal to do it. I love seeing those turbines churning out free energy from the wind, enough to power a house for a day with every spin.

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