The Anger in Maine

There are only a handful of wind energy projects in Maine, but just those few have been so badly placed that it is remarkable how much anger they have generated.  The Forest Ecology Network works to “protect the native forest environment of Maine” and publishes The Maine Woods newspaper.  The January 2012 issue is “devoted to the industrial wind power in Maine” and contains 32 pages of some of the angriest writing I’ve ever come across.  It starts with an introduction by Jonathon Carter, the executive director, that chronicles his realization that wind energy is a scam and pulls no punches.  Here’s an excerpt:

This issue of The Maine Woods is focused on exposing the lies and propaganda of the industrial wind developers.  First Wind, Independence Wind, Iberdrola, Trans-Canada, and Patriots Renewable etc. have all exploited the fear of climate change in order to pocket billions of citizens’ tax dollars. These folks don’t care about climate change. They are not ecological thinkers. They do, however, represent the epitome of the corporate greed that has engulfed this country and the western world. These mountain slayers and profiteers are scam artists. With
their money and bribes, they have bought public policy by buying politicians and gained access to the treasury through outright grants, loan guarantees, and production tax credits.

Ouch.  And completely true.  As this scam and the damage it causes grows the resulting anger grows, and this introduction  conveys that very well.

The introduction is followed by 13 essays on a variety of topics related to wind energy and all of them are well-written, suitable for a general audience.  If you want a fairly quick summary of the issues from an opponents’ viewpoint this issue is well worth your time.  Highly recommended.


The Maine Woods, January 2012 issue

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