Europe’s Success?

One of the arguments put forth by wind energy proponents is that the success of wind turbines in Europe proves that any opponents in North America are just nimbys or whatever.  Of course these proponents never specify what constitutes “success”.  Cutting emissions?  Saving on fossil fuels?  Reducing their dependence on evil foreigners? Putting more money into the pockets of their friends?

Anyway, anyone who has actually followed the wind energy story in Europe knows that it has become, to say the least, quite controversial there for all the same reasons it is controversial in NA.  For some indication of just how controversial you only have to read some of the articles and comments in their newspapers.  As an example, a couple of weeks ago James Delingpole wrote in the Telegraph about “The Best Article on Wind Farms You Will Ever Read” by Kevin Myers.  If you want to get a real indication of how the “success” is going down in Europe you might want to read both of these.


Delingpole, The Best Article on Wind Farms You Will Ever Read

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Myers, Win Hearts but Won’t Protect Against Frostbite…

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2 thoughts on “Europe’s Success?”

  1. Hi Wayne,

    Here is an article published in Britain in The Spectator called “The Winds of Change – The government has finally seen through the wind-farm scam – but why did it take them so long?”

    It’s by Matt Ridley. He has decided to put up £8,500, which The Spectator will give as a prize to the best article devoted to rational, fact-based environmental journalism.

    “Entrants are invited forthwith, and a panel of judges will reward the most brilliant and rational argument — that uses reason and evidence — to gore a sacred cow of the environmental movement.”

    It’s called The Matt Ridley Prize for Environmental Heresy
    Rules for the Matt Ridley prize can be found at Entries close on 30 June 2012.

    You immediately came to mind. Maybe you should enter!!

    Prince Edward County, ON

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