Ostrander Point Submissions

Gilead Power wants to put a wind energy project at Ostrander Point, which is possibly the worst place to put one – right in the middle of an Important Bird Area, and right in the middle of a major migratory route.  Ontario owns the property with the Ontario MNR overseeing it.  The Ontario MOE voluntarily opened up the project to public comment, citing the “harming, killing and harassing” of two endangered species (Blanding’s turtle and the Whip-poor-will) who had found the Point to be suitable habitat.

The comment period was ended yesterday, February 19, and I imagine they got hundreds of comments, many of them well-researched and documented.  One very powerful submission was a letter from Ian Dubin, along with a longer more detailed Information Note.  They are both suitably-written for a general audience and are worth the time.

Dubin, Ostrander Point Letter

Dubin, Ostrander Point Information Note

I also emailed in a submission, not nearly as well-put-together as Dubin’s.  Who knows, maybe something will get traction.  If Ostrander point is sacrificed, why stop there?  White Pines is next, followed by Amherst Island, etc etc.

Gulden, Ostrander Point Submission

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