Ashbee Speaks to the CBC

Barbara Ashbee and her husband Paul Lormand were unfortunate enough to own a home that became surrounded by wind turbines.  After a long series of complaints the authorities investigated and found that, sure enough, the noise at their home exceeded Ontario’s limits.  They were bought out in a deal that gagged them from discussing their health issues publicly.

With the Ontario elections approaching, they decided to be go public with their story in spite of the possible breach of contract.  The CBC, hitherto a major supporter of wind energy, picked up the story.  In addition to her own story, she also revealed that the Ontario MOE had told her that she was the only one complaining and publicly said there were either no or little complaints when in fact there were a large number of complaints, as an FOI finally revealed.

When the government enables private corporations to destroy people’s homes and then lies about it, what more can be said?   As Harrison says below, there just isn’t any excuse for this.


Link to original CBC story.   Backup link.

CBC contacted John Harrison for comments, but he was babysitting.  After he got home, he wrote this letter to the CBC, which is now posted in the comments section of the original CBC story.

Link to the original audio report on the Ontario Morning show, which is more informative than the story on the web.  Backup Link.

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