Rape and Ravellings

I don’t often reprint newspaper articles, letters or speeches unless they have something important to say and say it well.  This past week we’ve been blessed with two items worth re-posting here.  The come from different sides of the globe, one from Scotland (the rape) and one from Ontario (the unravellings).

The first is a speech by Scottish MEP Struan Stevenson in which he lays out the financial, landscape, human and animal abuse that wind turbines inflict, in this case, on Scotland.

Original link to the transcriptBackup link.

The second is a newspaper article in the Wellington Times by Rick Conroy.  It documents how the green energy dreams of premier Dalton McGuinty are starting to unravel, for many of the same reasons as Stevenson mentions.  Conroy has appeared on my pages before.

Original link to the articleBackup link.

Wind Concerns Ontario also has a posting on this article, along with a number of interesting comments.

Update, Aug 24, 2011 – While doing the background for this posting I came across some of Conroy’s other wind-energy-related articles.  All of them are written well.

Link to Induced ConfusionBackup link.

Link to Portrait of a MadmanBackup link.

Link to ScienceBackup link.  Conroy’s take on John Bennett of the Sierra Club.  My take.



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