Wolfe Island 2000 to 2010

For both property values and birds, islands make for good research locales.  There’s not much of any way for an agenda-driven “researcher” to fudge the area under study.  I’ve previously written about Wolfe Island (Ontario) and property sales over the last 2 years.  I’ve recently compiled the MLS residential sales from 2000 to 2010 and placed them on a series of Google Earth maps of the Island, one per year plus some accumulations.

In 2000 wind turbines on Wolfe were not on the horizon.  By 2002 some prospecting was likely going on, but there was still no widespread public knowledge of the potential.  By 2003 the projects were being mentioned in public meetings, maps were being drawn and studies initiated.  In 2004 through 2006 the size of the project moved up and down, from a start of 24 turbines to proposals of 150, placed on both the eastern and western halves.  By 2007 the final 86 turbine number was set and the eastern half was spared.  Construction started in 2008 and they went operational in 2009.

Each of the pictures below is clickable if you want the full size.  You can also get my kml file if you want – just ask.  I’ve driven the western half of Wolfe so the locations of those properties should be accurate.  I didn’t drive the eastern half and so many of those locations are approximate, and a handful are guesses.  If anyone out there notices a wrong location please let me know.  There was a lot of typing and pasting in prepping these pictures and mistakes do slip in.

At this time I’ll just be posting the pictures and I’ll let you make your own conclusions.  I’ve got some more research to do and then I’ll be posting my conclusions.  One thing you cannot say is that they had no effect.


Wolfe Island 2000


Wolfe Island 2001


Wolfe Island 2002


Wolfe Island 2003


Wolfe Island 2004


Wolfe Island 2005


Wolfe Island 2006


Wolfe Island 2007


Wolfe Island 2008


Wolfe Island 2009


Wolfe Island 2010

2000-2002 (before turbines known about)

Wolfe Island 2000-2002

2003-2010 (after turbines known about)

Wolfe Island 2003-2010

Wolfe Island 2000-2010.  The entire picture, including the turbines.

The entire picture for Wolf Island

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