The Cow Equivalence

UPDATE – I’ve rerun the numbers and checked my logic a zillion times and finally decided to pull all the “cow” postings.

Any electric grid is complicated to begin with, and trying to figure a secondary product (emissions) of anything complicated is even more so.  I think my general technique is reasonable, but I can’t totally convince myself that it represents reality.

My apologies to everyone who took the time to read through these postings, and maybe at least they gave everyone something to think about.

3 thoughts on “The Cow Equivalence”

  1. It’s a great comparison however as a farmer, I get concerned over the Climate changers campaign over raising animals for food and how this is contributing towards GHG emissions. New Zealand actually instituted a carbon tax on each beef and dairy cow that farmers must pay because of their methane production. Next thing you’ll know, people will need to start paying for that bean supper they had last night.
    I love however the tongue and cheek and entertaining way you’ve presented the issue. We need something like this to help grap the public attention which will stay with them and show how ludicrous wind energy is towards the global warming issue.

  2. Cows and beans, we are in serious trouble. My wife is not the greatest cook so we often have cans of beans for supper. If the FBI new the explosive (bean)power we have in our pantry we would be in jail. I am a little ashamed that I can boast that our family would probably put any cow to shame. We should consider banning foods that could have such an impact on the global climate.

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