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A directory listing of all my reference materials.

Emissions Savings References

  • K. deGroot ,Hidden Fuel Costs of Wind Generated Energy is part one of a well-reasoned critique of the wind industry’s emissions numbers.
  • K. deGroot,The impact of wind generated electricity on fossil fuel consumption is part two and proceeds with the facts.
  • Kent Hawkins Papers.  There are 5 of them in this series, detailing why the savings are much less than the industry says.  This is serious stuff, but thankfully Kent is a good writer.  The comments are also very worthwhile, and come from some names you might recognize.
  • Peter Lang’s paper, 0.2mb, a very well researched study of why CO2 savings are much more expensive and much smaller than other alternatives. Lang’s article led to other interesting discussions and followups.
  • Bratby Evidence, 160kb gives a well-reasoned analysis of England’s ongoing efforts to cut its CO2.
  • Halkema paper, 1.4mb can serve as a primer, not too technical, of the weaknesses of wind energy.
  • Beitzel Letter, 0.1mb, an extremely well-written analysis of carbon “savings” from a Maryland delegate to their power commission. It encapsulates many of the same ideas that I’ve presented here, and mentions Hewson and Lang.
  • Tom Adams, 0.1mb, on, paradoxically, the value of coal in keeping emissions down.
  • Oswald, 1.4mb, a study of Britain’s energy plans.
  • Hewson article, 0.8mb from a power generation trade magazine with another look at CO2 savings.
  • IESO Forecastion Paper, 0.3mb, some initial thoughts on how they would handle forecasting discrepencies.
  • Hewson paper, references Lang and comes to a similar conclusion.
  • Schlesinger and Hirsch, originally in the Washington Post.
  • Kent Hawkins Paper, Kent lives in neighboring Prince Edward County and has produced very well-researched papers, this one an analysis of Ontario’s electric system. If you want to dig into the details, even more than I have presented, here’s your chance.
  • Howe Commentary, 0.4mb, shows CO2 benefits of wind, but notice how they calculate the savings.
  • Ausbel Nuclear Heresies, 0.6mb, pro-nuc, but a review of CO2 issues.
  • Estonia CO2 Reductions, 0.3mb, a look at their circumstances.
  • Jones Letter, 0.1mb, an engineer’s opinion piece in The Toronto Star.
  • REF Paper, 0.5mb Written by David White, it presents the case for CO2 savings being much less than intuition would predict.  A major work, referenced often.
  • Too Good To Be True, 0.1mb Also written by David White, it presents an analysis of Denmark’s operations.
  • EPRI paper, 2007, 1.5mb Complete Portfolio.
  • Less is More, 0.5mb Written by Jon Boone.
  • A Bill of Goods, 0.5mb Written by Jon Boone.
  • Global Wind Energy Council Paper, 3.6mb This is a typical wind energy industry brochure, well written on the surface but if you read carefully you find that everything in here is assertion.
  • UK intermittency, 4.1mb, the large and important UKREC study, that reviews the evidence. Unfortunately, just as the U.S.’s NREL is compromised by politics, so is the UKREC. Still, it has valuable information.
  • AWEO Article
  • Stelling report, 0.3mb, covers many issues, including CO2.