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New and comments on the Ontario situation, with which I am the most familiar.

Stelling on the AG’sReport

Keith Stelling has taken the time to read through the recent 2011 Ontario Auditor General’s highly critical report on the Province’s Green Energy Act.  To sum that report up, just about everything the Province says the GEA accomplishes is false, except for the raising of electricity prices – which is badly understated.  Renewable energy was important enough to merit its own section (3.03, page 87) of 34 pages out of 467 in the entire report.  Keith’s report lists the major points (36 of them!) in the AG’s report and expands upon them for 40+ pages, adding context and questions that really ought to be answered.  These papers are both quite Ontario-specific, but some of the issues identified (like fake health studies) are common anywhere wind energy is being planned.


Stelling, Questions Arising from the AG’s Report on Renewable Energy

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The Ontario AG’s 2011 Report

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