Aside from the metaphysical aspects to that question, some number of visitors to this site have asked what group put this site together, if I was part of the government, or if I’m funded by somebody evil (oil, coal, nuclear, I wish).  I’m genuinely flattered by these questions.

There’s just me, one Wayne Gulden.  I live most of the year in Yellow Springs, Ohio, which is likely to never have a turbine – the winds just aren’t strong enough unless the subsidies get even higher than they already are.  I have a cottage on Amherst Island, which is how I became interested in the topic, as it is slated to have a project at some point in the future.   I guess you could try to call me a nimby – but as I started doing the research and looking at empirical evidence I quickly discovered that wind energy’s benefits are non-existent while the downsides are substantial.  So my fight is now larger than the Island.  I’m really a NIABY – not in anyone’s back yard.  In fact, more than that – no turbines anywhere until they can be shown to save on emissions.

What about my background?  I don’t have a large number of letters after my name.  I do have an MBA in finance (with honors, LOL), but never used it except to be the treasurer for various non-profits.  Undergraduate was psychology (which I never used either) with a physics minor.   So what qualifications do I have?  The best one of all – I’m retired and have the time to actually read through the reports put out by all the parties to the arguments and then read through their references as far as I can to find what the basis of their arguments is.  Plus I’ve worked most of my life in a field (large corporate and government computer networks) where rational thought, attention to detail and a fair amount of skepticism are important.