It is often said that one picture is worth a thousand words, and often that is true.  And words don’t do justice to the wind turbine build-out going on in the Chatham-Kent area in southern Ontario.  So I’ve gathered up the coordinates of the wind turbines for a number of projects and placed the turbines on Google Earth with kml files.  The picture below shows the spread south from the 401 to Lake Erie, and even the picture doesn’t do it justice.  There are 462 push pins on the picture, one per turbine, and many of them are not visible in this overall picture. Upon request I can send the kml files so you can import them into your Google Earth to get the entire effect as you zoom on in.  The picture below is clickable, thank goodness, but even that doesn’t really show everything.The yellow mass is roughly 100km long and 20 wide at its widest, and aside from the empty section SE of Chatham it is pretty much saturated with wind turbines.  Also, I know there are more turbines north of the 401 that I’m not showing, so if anyone out there can get me some of those turbine locations (or tell me where to look) I’ll add them to the picture.

One thing I discovered as a result of creating this picture is that there are 8 turbines within 300m of the 401 itself, with the closest just 155m away – almost as close as the turbine is tall.  I wonder how much insurance they carry.

UPDATE, March 21, 2012. There’s now a follow-up to this posting.