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Ostrander Point Submissions

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Gilead Power wants to put a wind energy project at Ostrander Point, which is possibly the worst place to put one – right in the middle of an Important Bird Area, and right in the middle of a major migratory route.  Ontario owns the property with the Ontario MNR overseeing it.  The Ontario MOE voluntarily […]

Chatham-Kent Projects


It is often said that one picture is worth a thousand words, and often that is true.  And words don’t do justice to the wind turbine build-out going on in the Chatham-Kent area in southern Ontario.  So I’ve gathered up the coordinates of the wind turbines for a number of projects and placed the turbines […]

No Consensus in NZ

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New Zealand, like many countries around the world, has been encouraging the installation of wind energy projects.  Unfortunately, also like many countries, the residents who end up living next to these projects have been complaining about the noise, after having been assured that it would be minimal.  NZ has noise regulations that predate wind projects, […]

Coal Reductions and Health


William Palmer continues to gather facts about Ontario’s electrical grid and the uselessness of wind energy in it.  This is very much unlike Ontario’s government and any number of ENGO’s, who simply repeat their slogans over and over until enough voters believe them to keep them in power.  This time he has put together two […]